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Author Visit Information

Are you interested in scheduling an author visit?

Remember to include:

Name of the School

State (Jessica is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico and is only available in New Mexico for now.)

Contact Person’s Name & Phone Number

Age group (Jessica’s current books are geared toward K-2nd graders if you are interested in a book reading.)

How many students/teachers will be attending?

What dates and times were you hoping to schedule?

Will you have a television or screen available for use during the presentation or will she have to provide one? (Preferably a large one)

What activities are you interested in having the author participate in?


If the school is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico the estimated fee will be $200.00 per hour-long presentation.*

If the school/students purchase  $200 worth of books directly from Jessica R. Herrera prior to the visit, then $200 of presentation fee will be waved.

Suggestion: It worked well for Kinder & First to watch together, and 2nd Graders as a group separately.

*Travel expenses are not included in the presentation fee and will be charged as they are incurred. Examples: gas, hotel fees, food.


Contact Jessica R. Herrera at


Jessica’s Author Visit Reviews:

“Jessica was able to keep 200 K-1st graders attention for the entire presentation. Her use of technology within the presentation itself awed the kids & teachers alike. Overall the best author visit & presentation.”


“An enjoyable time, a great opportunity for students to meet an author, not just talk about an author. Presentation was just right. Age-appropriate, entertaining, a good learning opportunity.”