Great Game for Spelling, Writing, Reading and Math…

I was looking for more ways to teach my daughter spelling since she has mastered Spelling Bingo with words and wanted something different.

As I fumbled through my stacks of forgotten board games, I stumbled upon “Scrabble.” The recommended age said 8+, but I knew I would be supervising during our game. My husband and I were glad to shut off the electronics, for a board game. Our daughter can read but is still reluctantly working on her spelling, but she was excited to play a game for “big kids.” She was the scorekeeper, but to make things a little easier we took out the “double word scores” and just made her add the numbers on the tiles. Then she had to write down the score.

For a kid who is somewhat difficult to motivate into writing, this was an excellent way to practice many of the skills that she will need for school and beyond.  The best part is that we will be able to add the “double word scores” and harder words as she progresses. Scrabble apps are available, but the fantastic thing about a board game is it teaches hand-eye coordination, the score will have to be added up manually and arranging the tiles by hand is helpful in spelling the words out. Now, my daughter has been looking around for “new scrabble words” around the house on cereal boxes, packages, and household objects so that she can spell more words during gameplay.

What games do you think are great for helping kids with spelling and math?


  • Sum Swamp (Math)
  • Yahtzee (Math)
  • Spelling Bee Bingo (Spelling)
  • Scrabble (Spelling)
  • Candy Land (Colors)