Making New Crayons From Broken Pieces


My girls and I tried a new project a few days ago. We made crayons, so I thought I would share my experiment with  you. I’ve never made crayons before, but my girls had so many broken crayons and I didn’t want to waste them. So, I went to the store and bought 3 cheap measuring cups for about a dollar each. 2 were glass and 1 was plastic. The glass ones worked much better.  I used a pan that I didn’t mind ruining and filled it with enough water to cover the containers a little under an inch. The plastic one also floated, which I didn’t like.


0710161452Broken Crayons

We sorted out the small broken crayons and peeled the paper off. They didn’t need to be perfect matches. It was fun mixing the colors and letting them see the colors they created. Just don’t mix them all together or you’ll end up with gray.







I poured them into the molds because the wax was hot. Once they cooled off, I carefully pushed them out of the mold and viola, we had cute owl crayons! I made the mistake of having water drops on a few of them and it messed them up the picture on the mold. So make sure, your mold is dry before pouring.





0710161629FinalOwl Crayons


We also experimented with a square mold. I layered the colors by filling the square and letting it cool before pouring the next color. I just found out I can bake them also. I will let you know how that goes.



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0710161440owl crayons

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