UART® Premium Sanded Pastel Paper vs. Sennelier La Carte Pastel vs. Velour Paper


Hahnemuhle Velour Paper

After reading one of my favorite pastel tutorial books, I first heard of velour paper, “Painting Animals That Touch The Heart,” by Leslie Harrison. Since it was the paper she used to create her beautiful art, naturally, I wanted to try it. After several trips to the local craft stores, I found out that it was a tough paper to find. Eventually, I did find an art supply store that carried it, but it was on the other side of town, and they were out of it. I realized the only way I would be able to try it was to order it. When the paper came in, I enjoyed its unique fuzzy texture. Since I had tried other brands before, I decided I did like it over its’ other competition, until I found out how finicky the paper was. Pastel art is delicate already, so I found out the hard way by blowing the dust off. It will also remove whatever drawing was on the paper before. It’s heartbreaking when the art that I had painted, only moments before, is now lying on the ground and sitting there along with all the other dust particles I wanted to remove. I tried to reapply the vibrant color, and the paper would not accept any more pastel.

  • Very Delicate!
  • Hard to find (at least here it was) unless ordered online.
  • Creating beautiful artwork on it is possible. Just look at Leslie Harrison’s paintings, and I’m pretty sure you’d agree.
  • Do NOT wet it, or the fibers come off, and you are left with an irreparable hole, depending on how big the wet spot is.
  • Velour paper is made in a variety of colors, at least ten of them.

Sennelier La Carte Pastel  Sanded Paper

Sennelier Pastel Sanded Paper is my preference for paper. The rough texture works very well, and I love it. I can blow off the dust, bang the bottom to remove excess pastel, and I have even found that I can vacuum it off without damaging it, as long the vacuum’s hose never touches the art.  I have found the 9″ X 12″ sheets in assorted colors in art supply stores, but I would have to order online if I wanted anything larger than that size.

  • Do NOT wet it, or the sand comes off, and you are left with an irreparable hole, depending on how big the wet spot is.
  • I have to order the paper online if I want sheets bigger than 9 inches X 12 inches.
  • Sennelier Pastel Card has at least 14 different colors.
  • My favorite choice for pastel paintings. I like the texture, and it suits my art style.

UART® 500 Grit Premium Sanded Pastel Paper 

I won a small sample pack of UART® Sanded Pastel Paper, and after trying the 500 grit, I think it had a nice texture. I would use it if I had some handy, but I still wish the surface was a little rougher. I like to have a lot of tooth on the paper. The texture was so fine that when I went to dust it off in the same manner that I dusted off the Sennelier paper, the dust seemed to stick all over the surface and dulled some of the colors. I still have more samples to try, so I will have to update my review after trying all of the other papers. As of now, I would pick Sennelier as my first choice for pastel paper. Once again, do not wet the paper. It will ruin it.

  • Do NOT wet it, or the sand comes off, and you are left with an irreparable hole, depending on how big the wet spot is.
  • It is fantastic that UART® can be ordered in a large paper roll if you are planning on making large art or creating 10 yards worth of paintings.
  • The texture was like that of fine-grit sandpaper. If that is what you want, then this is the paper for you.