Sharing is not necessarily caring. I Don’t Want Your Germs!

make up

Yesterday, when my six-year-old came home from school, I knew something was strange about how she looked. Upon closer examination, I realized she had eye makeup on. It’s not Halloween, nor is it any special occasion where makeup is necessary for a six-year-old. My daughter and I have had talks before about how she is not allowed to wear makeup until she is at least 13. I would even prefer if she were older than that. I’m sure I will get some opinions on how I’m too strict or how it’s no big deal but consider this perspective:

From a young age, it seems we are taught by everyone to share. Share your toys. Share your books. Share your snack. Share!

It seems like a trivial thing to share makeup, but it’s not. If you have spent even a little time with kids, then you will notice they usually aren’t lining up to wash their hands without a reminder or being told to do so. Kids are germ factories. I think its gross sharing makeup with adults who have better sanitary habits than children. Sharing eye makeup can spread things like pink eye, infections, herpes and who knows what else? Sharing lip-gloss can spread sickness, cold sores, bacteria and germs. Now think of how much a kid can spread after applying makeup to all their friends without washing their faces or hands. Teach your kids not to share their chapstick and hopefully all of us parents can cut back on our doctor bills.

After we’ve covered the whole germ thing, the next thing I think of is how my daughter or someone else’s daughter was putting a sharpened pencil near their eye around a bunch of other kids running around. At six year old they might even be using the wrong pencil type or substance that can cause a rash or permanent damage to the face. Now it’s also a safety issue. I hope you will talk to your kids about the danger of sharing makeup and bring it up if you are a teacher and notice this type of sharing in your classroom. For parents, it might be a good thing to let your child know what you expect of them regarding makeup. If you have a no makeup policy until a specific age, make that clear. I let my daughter know that when she was old enough, then I would pick out makeup with her and she would have to agree not to share it with friends. While sharing can be a good thing, I hope we can agree that it’s not always a good idea to share everything.


  1. Sharing makeup can spread germs.
  2. Makeup in the wrong hands can cause injuries.
  3. Let your children know why you don’t want them to share makeup or if you would prefer if they didn’t use any at all.

If you have a subject that you think should be taught in school leave it in the comments section below.