Fun Projects for Kids: Play Dough

0804161449Playdoh2What’s more fun than playing with Play Dough? The Play Dough activity kits! Sometimes they come with a large price tag, but kids love them.

A cheap way around paying for expensive kits of plastic cookie cutters, is JELLO molds! Some can be found for under $5. They come in fun shapes, easy to clean and are pretty sturdy. Another sometimes inexpensive mold you may not have thought of, is candy molds. Even if you just wanted to use them all the other Play Doh kits you already have, they would work wonderful with themed parties. The molds are labeled, “THIS IS NOT A TOY”, but with proper supervision, they worked great for my 5 year old.

Toys for sandboxes are also a cheap alternative for molds.  I was able to find and 18 piece sandbox kit for $5.99 vs. a play dough kit with 3 cookie cutters and a few rollers for $9. With the sandbox kit you get the best of both worlds, because whatever is to big for a mold is great for outdoors.

A Clay Me

Beautiful clay art of me by my talented five year old daughter. Who loves to mix all the colors together…just to see what color it will make and the reason the only color she has left is brown.

Product Review: Aroma Dough

My daughter has a slight wheat allergy and we found a great Play Doh alternative for her called Aroma Dough on Amazon. I dislike the smell, but the kids enjoy it. I wish they had a smell free alternative, but I’m glad that it is wheat-free and soy-free. It comes in a large variety of colors and is easy to clean up. If they had a scent-free version I would love it.