Adventures of the Pink Mantis

“Ride ’em, cowgirl!”

“What inspired you to write Adventures of the Pink Mantis, starring Mia Mantis?”

A while back, I bought an ooth (praying mantis egg sack). I read that the praying mantises were a better alternative for pest control than using pesticides. I have small children, and I didn’t want them around poisons. I figured it would also be an interesting experience to see it hatch. When the time was right, the little guys and gals came out. It was fun to watch. Ever since I have been fascinated by these amazing creatures and it inspired me to write and illustrate the book “Adventures of the Pink Mantis” about a praying mantis named, Mia.


Adventures of the Pink Mantis

A praying mantis ooth hatching.


Here is a picture of the ooth from my backyard on my blueberry plant.  Two hundred mantises can be in one egg sack. Look close. Do you think Mia is in there somewhere?


ooth hatching

Close up of ooth hatching

I hope you enjoy the book and be sure to check out my other books as well.

Take the Adventures of the Pink Mantis Quiz  below! I have links below if you are interested in getting mantises for your garden. We hatched ours outdoors, but many people enjoy having praying mantises as pets and hatching them indoors with terrariums or other containers.

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